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Home - Guitar Lesson LoungeClick Image To Visit SiteYoutube tutorials? Tabs? Where do you even start?! There’s just so much stuff online! Chances are, you feel a little lost and overwhelmed starting guitar.

If you’re going to do something, do it right. If you’re going to play a chord, why not play it perfectly? You don’t want sloppy or half-played chords. We’ll tell you just what you need to know and practice to get your chords perfect…

Anybody can learn ONE chord. The harder part is learning how to get from you to the other. Read our article on chord changes and learn the tricks you’ll need to know….

Almost no one tells about the dark side of tabs. But you’ll need to know what you’re missing out on by only using tabs. Read our article and we’ll EXPOSE the dark side and tell you how to combat its evil forces…

There are a million secrets in guitar playing. Some of these are things that no one wants to tell you about. Except us. Here’s our article on the little things that no one else is going to teach you…

Sometimes it’s not a questions of WHAT but WHERE. When you go to buy your first guitar, wouldn’t you want to know the best place to look? Check out our article on where to look for that first guitar you buy…

"Trust me: even if you could eventually (!) figure out songs with just the chords in front of you, you’ll do it a heck of a lot faster and with less frustration using the video! It’s amazing how something sounds difficult to play, but in fact it’s so easy to play when broken down! Well worth the small price tag!!"

"I’ve always felt somewhat lost and stuck playing guitar. I pushed through so many levels with StringNinja. I’ve definitely never learned this fast! I can’t put my guitar down anymore! It’s way too much fun. Such a solid course. " Read more…

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