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Construction Document Templates StoreClick Image To Visit SiteWe are so confident in our templates that we offer a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If the templates purchased do not perform as described on this website then simply write to us for a full refund.

Advance Payment Guarantee format, Fidic delay template, Fidic notices template, Fidic default template, Letter of Subcontractor default, Subcontractor Design Indemnity form, Application for Taking Over, Subcontractor variations, Contract Claim for additional costs, Notice of Additional Costs template, Conditions of Subcontract, Notice of Dispute template, Letter clause 14 programme template, Confirmation of verbal instruction template, Notice of end of Defects Liability Period, Submit Claim for Delay, Deed of Novation template, Commence Arbitration Notice, Submit interim Claim for Delay, Delegation of Authority template, Notice of intent to suspend works, Extention Of Time Delay Claim template, Notice of new rates template, Taking Over Certificate,Final Statement template, Notice of Potential Delay template, Joint Venture Agreement template, Performance Guarantee format, Extension Of Time Prolongation calculation, Labour Only Agreement, Retention Guarantee format, Labour disruption Calculation, Letter of Acceptance template, Letter of award template, Statement at Completion, Delay Tracking Schedule, Fidic Letter of Discharge, Subcontractor Agreement template, Site Delay Record template, Letter of Intent template, Timeline of Events template, Notice to cover work up, Fidic Claim Procedure.

Tender Addendum issue, Tender Approval Report, Pricing Tenant Attendance template, Enquiry Record Register, Tender QA form, Scope interface matrix, Post Tender Clarifications, Tender Team template, Simple Estimating sheet, Pre-bid Agreement template, Rate Analysis template, Subcontractor tender adjudication, Pre-qualification questionaire, Contract Risk Review, Tender Data sheet, Standard tender qualifications, D&B Risk Matrix, Tender Finalization format, Tender Adjudication template, Tender Summary Report, Tender Finalisation Sheet, Tender Action Plan form, House Estimator template, Productivity Outputs, Tender Enquiry letter, Pricing of Preliminaries, Tender Prospects template, Tender Return Report, Rate Build-up Sheets, Quotation template, Project Delivery Plan, Construction Methodology template, Project delivery graphs, Tender Site Inspection Checklist, Tender Results form, Tender Resolution of Directors template, Tender List format, Tender Delegation of Authority template.

Accident Investigation Report, Gas Welding inspection, Operator Permit template, Air Compressor Inspection, Goods Hoist Inspection, Porta Cabin Inspection, Chain Block inspection, Hazardous Chemicals inspection template, Pressure Test Permit template, Safety Pre-qualification form, Hot Work Permit template, Project Medical Form, Accident Statistics template, Hydraulic Jack inspection, Project Safety Report template, Due Dilligence Safety Report, Injury Register, Radiography Permit, Earth Leakage Inspection, Colour Coding inspection, Risk Assessment template, Electrical Equipment in Hazardous area, Ladder register, Safety Audit template, Emergency Care Manual, Machine Guard inspection, Safety Audit Report, Excavation Permit template, Method Statement Risk assessment template, Safety Induction register, Fire Fighting Inspection, Motor Vehicle Inspection, Scaffold Inspection template, Fire Store Inspection, MSDS Task Sheet, Site Safety Handbook, First Aid box contents, Near Miss Report, Toolbox Talk record, Forklift Daily inspection, Notification of Construction, Weekly Excavation checklist, Hand tool inspection register, Water & Electricity logsheet, Waste Management Check list.

Business card requisition, Job description Assistant QS, Medical Claim submission, Labour Transfer, Job description Commercial Manager, Sim card requisition, Computer user types, Job description Site Engineer, Staff Performance review template, Disciplinary form Enquiry, Job description Construction Manager, Staff Performance scorecards, Disciplinary form Level 1, Job description Contract Manager, Petrol card requisition, Disciplinary form Level 3, Job description Contract QS, Salary deduction authorization, Disciplinary form Level 5, Job description Foreman, Training requests, Employment offer request, Job description General foreman, Transfer permit template, Expat employment contract, Job description Junior foreman, Salary structure, Flight reimbursement request, Job description Jnr Site Engineer, Scorecard commercial, Internal transfer Labour, Job description Senior Commercial Manager, Staff grading structure format, Internal transfer Staff, Job description Senior Contract Manager, Staff timesheet form, Interview Draughtsman, Job description Senior foreman, Training skills matrix, Interview forms QS, Job description Senior QS, Update employee records, Interview forms Surveyor, IT user request and Expense Claim forms.

Quality Control Inspection Plan, Quality Control Inspection Report, Quality Control Monitoring Report, Risk Alert, Project Quality Control Plan, Quality Control Checklist, Concrete Inspection form, Daily Quality Report, Weekly Quality Report, Method statement template, Emergency Defect form, Test Report Register, Excavation checlist and inspection template, Brickwork checlist and inspection template, Checklist Post Concrete, MEP Inspection template, MEP Release Form template, Bulk Cement Delivery template, Borrow Pit Acceptance Form, Concrete Mix… Read more…

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