Chunking for Success

I was recently in a session with a client from South Korea where he expressed the real fact that he was keeping his country safe by being a soldier.  To help him see the bigger picture and the important role he has I chunked that up to the real fact that by keeping his country safe he is in fact keeping the world safe.

Whether you take that on board or not it is a real truth that every person in the military has this same task – keeping the world safe.  Why?  Well at the end of the day (chunking down) your finger is on the trigger.

So chunking up from keeping your country safe is keeping the world safe.  What about chunking down?  Chunking your role down can be keeping your immediate location safe and chunking down further to performing your individual duties.


So how can chunking help you with success in your goals?

Chunking is one of the presuppositions in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

If you have something you want to achieve then you can chunk up or down as it suits you to make that goal happen.  If things get overwhelming you then chunk up or down as required to help you to success.

For example going to the gym may look like this to some people:

  1. Get Up
  2. Shower
  3. Get Dressed
  4. Find Car Keys
  5. Get in Car
  6. Drive to Gym
  7. Park Car
  8. Swipe through Barrier into Gym

This can seem a daunting task to even get to do your first exercise but in reality it can be chunked up to

  1. Go to Gym

See how easy chunking is.


Chunking can be used with any experience or behaviour

Think about anyone you admire who is successful.  Think about how they became successful. You can take the same steps as they did to have similar success.

Experience always has a structure and if something has a structure it can be chunked.  In fact you can take any pattern or path and chunk it up or down to suit yourself.

Always remember it is your goal so you chunk up or down – things can become more manageable when chunked.

Never be overwhelmed again – Get Chunking!


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