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6 Ways to Lose Weight (and Still Have Fun)

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Did you know that there are fun ways to lose weight?

The exercise routine of choice for most people looking to lose weight is to join their local gym and fit in a few sessions a week after work. People usually join the gym for convenience. A range of equipment is at your fingertips from treadmills to rowing machines to weights, and the staff is there to help you if need be.

However, it is one thing to join the gym and another to actually attend on a regular basis as planned. We’ve seen it happen a lot to ourselves and to others. We end up not being able to follow through on our plans to attend gym regularly, exercise and stay fit.

Even for the most determined of people, going to the gym starts to feel like an obligation or chore. The gym is not your only option though there are so many more fun routine-breaking ways to lose some weight.

Here are six other fun ways to lose weight that are different enough to keep you coming.


Kickboxing is a really accessible activity as most gyms and health centres offer courses and sessions. It’s also a great way to relieve some stress after a long day at work. Not only does a kickboxing sessions give you a good workout it also gives you a chance to learn some self-defence or brush up on any skills you have already

Not only does a kickboxing session give you a good workout, it also gives you a chance to learn some self-defence or brush up on any skills you have already learned.

Hula Hoops

You wouldn’t think that this is a very effective exercise activity at a glance, and many think that it should be reserved for children in the playground. However, a hula hooping workout burns more calories than you might think. Burning 600 calories per hour, hula hooping is an activity that you definitely shouldn’t turn your nose up at.

For those who hate taking part in an exercise class surrounded by people, t

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